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Susan Kurnit

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"We are thrilled with the portrait Susan painted of our Golden Retriever. Susan truly captured the essence of our Golden's curiosity. (It was one of her first times stepping in snow!) While we initially loved the portrait, two years later, we love it even more-so as our girl has grown so much more since then! " - Pam R - Wilton, CT.


"Susan captured that je ne sais quoi of my dog Coco's expression. Her soul comes through in the portrait. And Susan was open, flexible and a pleasure to work with."- Nancy W -- NY, NY




"We were so excited to connect with Susan about a pet portrait for our son and daughter-in-law. It was a surprise for Christmas, so I had to pull photos of 'Jaco' off Facebook for Susan to work with. She painted an amazing portrait based on what turned out to be a favorite photo. When Josh and Becky opened it they actually cried. It was a beautiful thing and I'll never forget it." -- Melissa Carter, Delray Beach, FL


"Susan made my cat Teddy come to life in a fabulous portrait from a simple iPhone image. Highly recommend her, you'll be so happy with the finished product." Andrea M--Darien CT


"Teddy and my wife are very proud of how handsome he looks in the portrait." -- Bill G, Westport, CT